Friday, August 8, 2008

Lots of Mud, Long Trail

In a box with a hoe I was able to mix up 29 bags of Quickcrete and shoveled it into the form for the winch post on the boat slide yesterday. I had to haul 15 bags down before I started yesterday, and I was glad to get it mixed and poured. I think the pedestal I built for the automatic waterer at Betsy's last fall was about the same amount, but I used Hansen's mixer for that. It would have been hard to get the mixer down there for sure. I need to go today and see what hay there is to haul from Bloomquist's. I also need to build a tarp frame out at Betsy's.


At August 12, 2008 5:59 AM , Blogger kkstable said...

i will try again here. hi there marco, kathy orn here. i just happened apon your site, i watched your video, have you changed at all?, NO.

i am living in proctor at present. i got married and am living here on the farm he owns just outside of town. everyone is mt, and we are going out there this weekend to retrieve my horses. plans are to move out there when mike retires in a couple years.

it was great seeing you are still working horses. we drive ours for pleasure. but isn't it all for pleasure anyway? they bring us peace, connections, and so much more.

i would love to come visit sometime. when life settles down in the winter, lets get together, eh? if you are down this way, stop in. local phone-628=3815 cell 406-261-4048

i will watch your progress on your site here, very interesting. how'd you do all this?


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