Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wildblue Sucks Eggses

Just managed by the circuitous route of disconnecting our router to make a new entry in my blog here, though this is not germaine (sp) to the business of Beautyway. Router disconnected now, modem rebooted, still not able to access my own website from home, and was informed that WildBlue does not work with a router, or any way with multiple computers. "Sorry you've been having trouble, but we'll still be needing our $60 a month." I heard from an old horse friend that she made a comment on my blog, but I can't connect to that either. I wouldn't invest in this technology again. I wonder why they didn't tell Jeremy when he hooked up the router with them that it wouldn't work? Not a great way to run a railroad. Sorta like Sister Timmy's experience with Dell.


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