Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beauty in Bloomington

They sure do a nice job down there at the "River Rendezvous" at the Pond Dakota Mission History Park. The water from a faucet well hidden in the woods is 20 yards from the horse pen I put up after I arrived there at 8PM Sunday. Mark Morrison and his out-of-retirement helper Gordy run pretty hard making it happen. There was dry oak firewood there and covered. There was plenty of hay and straw under the tarp, and everybody was ready in time for the onslaught at 8:30 Monday. I was wrong about the 600 kids a day. It's more like 1500. I don't get them all at station D06 Logging. Usually each station gets 10-12 groups a day, from 20-45 in each group, at twenty minute intervals, ending at 3:00 or 3:30.

Betsy came and visited during our Monday sessions, and we even got to take in the presentation of the Silversmith, I missed his name, whose engagement of the kids was excellent. She got some pictures I hope to post soon with this blog. I'm hoping to figure that out soon, with David's help. I took my camera down there, but I sure didn't even shoot one! I always have trouble shooting and doing anything at the same time. It was great fun, but super-exhausting. Even with my nephew Billy's steadfast help all day and son Charlie and his girlfriend's dad Mark (a great guy) helping me take down the tent--the big ol' wall tent portable bunkhouse--I never got out of there until 6:30 Sunday night.

So now in the meantime, I was able with Davey's help to load some pictures of Betsy's and mine into my laptop (which will not work with our home system-thanks again WildBlue) so y'all will have to wait for them to be posted with this blog until I get another flash-drive to replace the one lost after Davey awarded me with it this spring...

It's raining today which allows me the "leisure" to enter this. Otherwise I would be sawing or putting mechanical tools into the new toolbox, or even possibly working on the new wooden boxes for in and out of the back of the pickup. Going to look at Donny Lehto's next door to the farm for some skidding that needs done there. I need to spend a day this week hauling out the boat-slide we built at Scott and Randi's. I do have some pictures of that on this computer. Maybe I could scan back to the construction of that here in the blog, and drop those pictures in?? Let's see.


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