Monday, October 13, 2008

A Harrowing Experience for Solveig

Ok, so on my August 8 posting "Lots of Mud, Long Trail" I posted three pictures, somewhat awkwardly overlapped, which Randi sent me. That was fun.

Herewith is a picture of Solveig Vick, who at the age of 11 came to work with me at the Village Inn stable at Lutsen when I was managing their trail rides and sleigh rides, and since I quit doing that has herself been running Lutsen Mountain's horse business.

Here she is driving Jack and Julie, after we switched Julie over to the left side, and threw the harness on Jackie, her brother, who I sent to the Amish farm last winter for training. She was more freaked out by switching sides than he was by working. They are doing just fine, and now I hope to do some logging with them in the neighborhood and maybe some little kid "wagon" rides with Bess and Julie.


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