Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wagons Ho!

Today, Ray White helped me put together somewhat of a frame for the trailer I used in the fourth of July parade to make it usable for little kid wagon rides. First on Will Surbaugh's birthday, then with the little kids from Good Harbor Hill tentatively on Sunday. I'll switch the horses back to the old Bess on the left, Julie on the right way of doing things for safety's sake, even though I have the harness all adjusted for Jackie now. Anyhow we got the benches built out over the wheels on the old trailer, and I can hitch it to the forecart, so it'll go just like a wagon. Now all's I have to do is replace the floor.

And, oh yeah, the day before yesterday, I worked most of the afternoon across the driveway from Jim and Ray while they put the railing on the new deck at Betsy's, to build a rack for hauling the little round bales I get from John Bloomquist out to the pasture on a pallet with the skidsteer. I should be able to load out ten bales at a time with that. I still need to but the 1x boards on the inside face of it. I'll try to get some pictures of it and the "wagon" up soon.


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