Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to Sleigh Rides

Professionally speaking, I haven't been up to much, except for skidding logs a couple of days with Jack, Julie, and dear Solveig, getting the hoss trailer stuck in the mud out at Bloomquist's going after hay. Thanks to Darrin B. for pulling me out with his skidder. Broke a piece off of the coupler that money can't buy, when I jackknifed the trailer. I need new tires on everything. It got cold finally, and now I'm running around mid-day when I'm not sitting and waiting for the deer to show up, trenching wires in at the farm and pounding posts at Cascade.

That's where we're hoping to do sleigh rides out on an old ski trail and back along the power line. I'll be keeping the horses up by the new house and garage up the hill a little from the Lodge. Lutsen Tofte Tourism Association is taking over booking of the rides and hiring me and my team. But first I hope to get Donny Lehto's trees skidded next door to the farm. Plenty to do...


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