Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Omos Weddy Go?

(Almost ready to go?) --That's what my tiny son Charlie used to say when he was waiting for Marce and me to get organized to go somewhere. Preparation seems like half the trip some days. I'll be hauling the last horse trailer load of hay from Bloomquist's today. Young Kostya, Charlie's adopted Russian brother, plans to work with me and Jack and Julie this weekend over at Donny's. We might cut up the two deer down at Parents' in Shroeder tonight. All the hay is in at Cascade Lodge, around 170 small round bales. We just need some snow now...It has been nice for getting those 700 bales or so out of there with the balding tires on my pickup--not having snow yet, that is.
The ground froze up good, so I could get in across the field to where the hay-piles were in the woods, out of the wind. The lean-to tarp shelter at the farm is full--50' x 14.'

Handling all that hay makes me cough. Should be fun logging--and good for Jack and Julie getting ready for sleighrides. And that's a Beautyway to Go.


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