Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ponies and Sleigh Come Home

Is this even interesting I wonder? My Auntie in California once teased me just after I moved up North in 1975 and started driving Ol' Ben around, and lived in a dirt-floor log shack, and started burning wood and raising chickens and gardening... She said, yeah and next week he'll invent the wheel. That's the same Auntie who said computers were a fad in the early eighties. I love my Auntie. She's a sharp cookie.

I can't say she wasn't right on both counts. It's kicking and screaming that I write this very blog. Thanks to Davey.

So I got to winch the sleigh onto the flatbed (it still took three hours) and haul it back in the rain to the farm. Looks like it'll need paint again. Bess and Julie both seemed to enjoy the family reunion. It seems like Tess has a real interest in hanging out with Julie, which never happened before. So it's off to drive Justin Case over to Greg Olson's for service, then back to the farm for some kind of water system adjustments. At least I have something to do.