Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beautyway FAQ & Home page blurbs

Q: How much do your horses whey?

A: They don't eat dairy products, they are strictly vegan. No, seriously, Bess and Tess, the old Belgian mares always weighed 1800 and 1700 lb. respectively, but are probably 100 lbs. thinner now in their old age. Jack and Julie I would guess are in the 1600 lb. range, since they are full brother and sister 1/4 Quarter Horse, 3/4 Belgian. Bea and Belle, both Tess' mare colts are half-sisters a year and a half apart, just green-broke at this point, and they probably each weigh 1700 pounds. Then there's Frisky-boy who stays at our house. He probably weighs about 600 pounds. None of the draft horses are gigantic by draft horse standards, but I think they make good skidding horses, since it doesn't take a lot of room to turn them around.

Q: Why do you prefer to do your woodswork in the winter?

A: Skidding logs when there's snow on the ground eliminates the problem of soil erosion caused by logging operations. Heavy timber slides aross the ground with much less resistance than in the dirt. Saw Logs stay clean for sawing, without ground-in dirt, sand and gravel which kills saw blades. When the weather is cooler, men and horses have more stamina for the weightlifting-type exercise that is logging.