Friday, April 25, 2008

Blogging from Elsewhere

So now I have been instructed in the fine art of textfiling in the interest of keeping myself from losing stuff like I did again today on the blogger draft with autosave, and like I always do when I get timed-out on the email. The internet is down here at Betsy's temorarily so the WTIP birthday party can go on, so my Beautyway Blog (not yet so named) is not available on Blogger so the Q&A and blurbs now recomposed are not available.

As the Old Man used to say at the dinner table, "only topics of general interest."Doesn't that leave you wondering what it means? I wonder what all this email, social networking, and blogging does to the art of conversation. I wonder what the TeeVee and the telephone did to it before those came along. I know it took text messaging to feel like I was actually having equal exchange with my 18 year-old, from Askov last weekend. Maybe it was just time...It is odd how he can't stand to eat a meal with me.

the missing half of Q&A& blurbs, dammit.

Q: So what's the deal with the sawmill?

A: I currently own a Woodmizer LT30 portable bandsaw mill, which easily hooks onto the back of the pickup and goes down the road. If you are landing logs for me to saw, I'd want you to pile them lined up the same direction as the driveway, trail, clearing or parking area where you wanted me to make boards and sawdust. They should be stacked on skids (smaller logs, well limbed, I usually use crooked tops or small diameter logs I don't plan on sawing) and different lengths should be somewhat centered on the pile. That pile should be on the right side of the driveway, and successive log piles can be stacked next to those, and on down the road...

(a drawing here,eh?)

My mill can saw logs up to 28 inches in diameter, and 16'4" in length, if the ends are trimmed fairly square. Any length from 4 to 16 foot logs can be cut into boards, planks, timbers, one-,two-, or three-edged cabin logs or rafter poles. I can even quickly saw fireplace mantle stock and curved pieces that you might want slabbed off on two sides (nice for arches, etc.) The operative word is "custom." So why not give me a call at 218-370-1113 or an email at and let me help you do it yourself.

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