Friday, May 2, 2008

Rainy Day

Well, it waited until this morning and now it's certifiably a rainy-ass day. This is certainly one of the slowest springs I can remember. May 1 and the ice is not really off the lakes yet anywhere around here. I feel bad for the birdies. I really don't believe we've even seen 60 yet.
The rain seems to affect the functioning of the Wild Blue dish, even when it's not heavy. There are some burn piles waiting to burn. It will be nice to get out and till up the garden if/when it ever dries out. I want to also prune the apple trees and since the calendar says it's May ("Don't prune in May or June") I suppose I'll be transgressing. I drove in today after I went to Friday morning church, and there was a great big ol' deer standing right amongst the apple trees. The net-fence I put around them for protection isn't near tall enough. Those deer might prune the trees for me.
Yesterday I got hay out in the mud again --I wish I could find Southeast Sneakers ("Rrobber Boots, by God"). The right one leaks mud in on my big toe. The ones I found at Mark's Work Wearhouse in T. Bay were always heavy and a little bit uncomfortable... I need to ask Harley where I can get a pair of Helly Hansen (not in the HH store, nor the website) or some BF Goodrich ones (Not on Google.) Oh the tribulations!