Monday, August 4, 2008

Moving Hay and Forming Posts

Dog days of Summer are here. It's hot every day now. Way in the 70s. That's hot enough for me. Fishermen's Panic and "company" came and went. So did the play. I have to move all the big round bales up the hill to the hay lot next to Elisa's Garden. It was overcast this morning. John Bloomquist is making hay out along C.R. 14, and it needs to be hauled out to the Farm. I'm trying to picture a tarp frame for the little round bales I get from him this year.

I'm also hauling (wheelbarrow 155 yards, bag-on-shoulder 55 yards) 36 bags of Sacrete down the rocky trail on Great Spirit Rd. for the winch footer that Lenny Bloomquist at Hedstrom's made me a steel frame for. They oughtta be able to haul up anything that spruce pole boat slide can carry--and turn and haul both sets of racks past the vegetation line for winter.