Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hay and Spruce

I have to decide whether to use the spruce poles I cut and peeled for me for wall tents, which I probably will do, &/or go cut some more for a hay "shed" or tarp frame out at Betsy's. The hay is coming fast off the fields at Bloomquist's--the Allis Chalmers little round bales. Kostya--my son Charlie's Russian brother--who stays with us, actually came out last Sunday and helped me and John and Bert pick up all the hay on the field that was baled for a couple of hours. That was nice.

I think I must have about 15 25 footers left, but having peeled them a month ago, they might be too dry to bend well. I guess I'll just have to try...I'm thinking I could tie the two ends together, making semicircles out of them to make the quonset-style tarp frame.

While Marce & I were rowing North House's Norse Pram out of the harbor and around into the East Bay in flat-calm water under the most amazing sky toward sunset, I was reminded of the Thoreau quote my good friend Denny Ruud (dennisruud.com) honored me with in calligraphy, framed. It sits above my desk in the cabin that's too cluttered to use. It says "My thought is a part of the meaning of the world, and hence I use a part of the world as a symbol to express my thought." The part of the world I live and work in is just as disorganized as my thoughts must be. As Bill Arthur said, "Take a look at the inside of Marco's van. You'll know what the inside of his head looks like. Sometimes that seems hopeless to me. I seem to be powerless to improve that situation. Or maybe I could go out and pitch the wall tent, and start to transfer the contents of the cabin... but that's neither here nor there in regard to the so-called Beautyway. I should be musing on that in the Marcoblog. Crossover, that's the problem with organization. And Blogging is definitely not logging.