Thursday, August 21, 2008

"Can't Find the Server."

Days went by with no response by email from WildBlue. First it was an attempt by Tikima to propose a fix to reconfigure the DHCP in my computer, then Jerlisa sent me a special "Thanks for choosing WildBlue." End of message. Then I got a little nasty and requested some real assistance. After three or four days, Aaron B. wrote to suggest that our technician who installed the router was at fault, because he should have known WildBlue would not work with a router, and should not have sold it to us and installed it. Is this interesting?

Aaron sent me two help links, both of which resulted in a screen that was entitled "Redirect Loop" which to me says that the WildBlue system cannot find help for itself. Still no progress. When I get disconnected on the phone with them, there is no way to re-establish contact with the person who was actually trying to help me solve their problem. Is this horselogging? Nope. This technology seems to be more and more inappropriate for me. Like my brother's pal who said, "I'm gonna get a website called "", and then I'm just gonna sit back and wait for the biggies to roll in!"

Still waiting. Stay tuned.