Saturday, August 30, 2008

Urban Forestry

Well, that was fun, and a lot of work. I've started on a new career--Urban Forestry. Limbing project at the Hennessy residence, up the street from the Studio. No horses involved. (This little irridescent green hummybird is in a hurry to glean nectar from all the wild (touch-me-not?) orange flowers outside the window) There's more thinning of pine and Spruce behind the house yet to do, but a considerable mound of brush got strapped down on the flatbed and hauled out to the community burnpile. Mostly accomplished clearing the limbs off the four magnificent Norway Pines, up to a height of about twenty feet for the purposes of backhoe clearance, behind a retaining wall next to the street that's going to be re-plumbed, paved, sidewalked and curbed in a week or two. I used a pole-saw for most of it , but some of the larger limbs were six inches thick, so I also used a sixteen-foot ladder, and a one-hander Husqvarna which the Lonnie-Blaster was gracious enough to loan me. When you're reaching around the trunk, sometimes hanging on with the other hand, that's a pretty nice (essential even) tool to have. I'll probably be leaving the hazardous tree removal for the Big Boyz.

I really want to figure out how to do the photos on this blog. Davey will have to give me a lesson, because I don't have a clue. It's really nice to get feedback in person (if not so many comments) from folks who read this drivel occasionally, not mentioning any names, but his initials are Super Tom.

The Hovland boat-slide project is mere hours from completion. I set tie-down eyebolts in the rock with some special epoxy stuff from Superior Lumber and I reckon I'll be topping those off with mortar before I lash the middle (seasonal-semi-permanent) section down just in time to move it all up above the vegetation line for winter.

Running With No Router

I can actually access my own Site with the router disconnected, when the sun is shining and there are no clouds in the sky; for now, anyway.