Monday, September 8, 2008

Get Ready For Bleemington

OK, yeah, so now it's sprinkling every ten minutes all day which makes it hard to be sawing. Maybe I need to rig a tarp and some poles for that. Seems like it's all tarps and poles these days. For the hay I'm rigging up a deal along Betsy's old power line spruce plantation for the little round Allis Chalmers bales from Bloomquist's. Pretty nice crop of hay this year there, onnacounta the big rain this spring and early summer.

600 kids a day go through the history park in Bloomington where they have a big rendezvous of historical craftspeople and demonstrators. That's the 15th-20th of Sept. this year. I have to bring an electric fence and tent and camping stuff, and just demonstrate skidding and let the kids pet the horses and fill them full of stories about Tom McGee and logging camp and the homestead in Eden Prairie and all that jazz. It's bright and shiny now, but wait until I fire up the mill...

The Wall-tent rigging project is kicking my ass. If it dries out for a couple days now, I probably be ready in time. Me and Hansen are cutting more poles tomorrow afternoon. That'll be fun.