Sunday, October 26, 2008

Flour Lake WeeHuus

Went out last Thursday with Jimbo to Alan's cabin site to move the outhouse with the skidsteer. We also piled up a nice bunch of firewood bolts for his woodstove, from the clump of five or six nice popple trees we would have expected to smash the outhouse if we didn't. There was a pretty picture with Justin Case sitting there after we had finally placed the shitter on its foundation, and Jim stood smiling by. But the sun was going down, the camera was fifty yards away in the pickemup, and we hadn't eaten lunch yet, and there was more wood to pile. The sandwiches were great, with turkey and fresh lettuce and tomaters and fresh homemade salsa, and grey poupon them. Jim was great as a limber, and moved fast getting the wood up. We got a good day in there!